Events handling has a mechanism to dispatch notifications after each certification step. The notifcations are sever to server, to update remote clients. Example notifications are a user being registered, certification approved, etc. Notifications are pushed to the Push event url on the application settings page. will send a HTTP post request containing json.

Events and Parameters

Event Description Parameters


When a user was registered by an Agent
{ 'pid': "52dcfdd55dfe36a11b000012",
  'event_name': "user.signup.agent",
  'grant_code': "ced5bd19bbb8776b0363353214bc0368be7abdee473801e218f4f49921524257",
  'redirect_uri': "",
  '_hmac': "de0413fe368874df116f1c9ca5d66a1b551b6578" }


Certification was submitted by an Agent on behalf of a User. (Agent logged in as User)
{ 'pid': "52fa5e3e5dfe368a81000006",
  'event_name': "certification.submitted.agent",
  'grant_code': "45e8777f95d840304fb274bc553aeabd617b72d5b44899dd8dfd4da1d56b70d8",
  '_hmac': "ddaa672015f436e8ccde35eb0f252e3c10f8b928" }


When user submits certification for review.
{ 'pid': "52f8c0db5dfe366f7e000004",
  'event_name': "certification.submitted",
  '_hmac': "694f7212d314331a3c3a2561d542c8f718f0e614" }


Certification was accepted after review by moderator.
{ 'pid': "52f8c0db5dfe366f7e000004",
  'event_name': "certification.confirmed",
  '_hmac': "694f7212d314331a3c3a2561d542c8f718f0e614" }


Certification was accepted after review by moderator.
{ 'pid': "52f8c0db5dfe366f7e000004",
  'event_name': "certification.rejected",
  '_hmac': "694f7212d314331a3c3a2561d542c8f718f0e614" }

HMAC verification

All parameters will have HMAC verification parameter, accessible under ‘_hmac’ key
To verify authenticity of event please use HSign gem.

  hsign =[:app_secret], APP_CONFIG[:app_id])
  hsign.verify?(request.request_parameters) == true # if parameters and are _hmac valid