An app is how a deverloper interacts with An Application may be called a app, client, website, or just a game. This page lists important information about managing apps.

Approval Times

Once your game or app is testable, it must be submitted for review. It’s important to have all live apps accepted to ensure they can always access APIs. A pending app may get rejected and blocked eventually.

If you need a place to temporarily host your game during the review, use Just remember to switch the link to a permanent host after it gets accepeted.

To request a review, visit the application page, and click the Request Review button. Then allow up to 48 hours for our team to test it.

Typically, partnered games take 4 or 5 days. Public submissions will take longer. Flash games are quicker as they are simpler to process.

Getting Listed

The games catalog is handled by Y8. Visit the Y8 Upload page for details about getting your game listed on Y8 and You should try to get your app accepted at first or during the same time.

Organization Support

To give multiple accounts access to one or more applications, please contact support. Setting up an organization will ensure someone always has access even as employees change over time.