Y8 Account SDK provides the ability to share an activity from your application.
This activity will appear on the User’s feed page and feeds of his followers.

Site Feed


JavaScript SDK

    method: "feed",
    link: "<resource LINK>",
    description: "<resource DESCRIPTION>",
    name: "<resource NAME>",
    caption: "<resource CAPTION>",
    picture: "<resource PICTURE>",
  }, function(response) {
    alert("it works!");


Parameter Description
link The link where the user will be redirected by clicking on the shared content
description The description of the content to share
name The title of the content to share. If the "link" parameter is sent as well, then the link URL will be replaced by a link with the "name" parameter as text and the "link" paramater as redirection URL.
caption The caption of the link/name
picture The picture of the content to share. Has to be an absolute URL.

Response Data

Parameter Description
post_id Unique id of created Site Feed.