Example Achievement Data

Understanding when a player has unlocked an achievement is not expressly described. Refer to the following example and note the second achievement has a player property. When the player property exists, it means the player has unlocked the achievement. The player property contains an object with data describing who and when the achievement was unlocked.

    "errorcode": 0,
    "success": true,
    "achievements": [{
    	"difficulty": "easy",
        "secret": false,
        "achievement": "Big Guns",
        "icon": "4fb18738aeca386df04d.jpg",
        "achievementkey": "4fb18738aeca386df04d",
        "description": "Unlock the big gun",
        "awarded": 62
        "difficulty": "hard",
        "secret": false,
        "achievement": "Evil Jenkins",
        "icon": "110b376d42ce6e8251e4.png",
        "achievementkey": "110b376d42ce6e8251e4",
        "description": "BAN BAN BAN BAN BAN BAN BAN BAN",
        "awarded": 3,
        "player": {
            "date": 1460131535,
            "rdate": "Apr. 8 2016",
            "playername": "test120",
            "playerid": "553f623364c30b7a7b00243f"