OAuth 2.0

The Javascript interface comes packaged with a method to make OAuth API calls. When using the JS API method, your application will not need to request an access token directly. If your app is not using javascript, you can make API calls by getting a OAuth2.0 token in any langauge. Some calls don’t require a token and are available in Flash and Unity depsite using session auth.

For a full list of calls available, see the API Reference page.

Session Auth

The session based authentication uses a session key instead of a token. It is mostly used with the Unity3d and Flash interfaces.

Game API

The Game API provides application level features like achievements on top of the session based auth. It is based on the open source Playtomic API but is not directly compatible.

Analytics API

The Game Analytics API gives application developers insights into how their game is being distributed and used by end users.

Mobile APIs

Used in mobile games to promote the network of mobile games.