The Game API will return an errorcode integer and errormessage string when a problem is encountered. The messages should be descriptive enough for most errors. However, when reporting a bug or expecting a specific code, it will be useful to understand the error codes.


Error Code Definition
0 No error
1 General error
2 Invalid game credentials
3 Request timed out
4 Invalid request
5 Do not track
6 Initalization failed

Stats and Geolocation

Error Code Definition
100 Stats disabled
101 Stats ignored
102 Missing hostname URL
103 Missing geolocation data

High Scores

Error Code Definition
200 High scores disabled
201 Invalid player name
202 Invalid key
203 Player is banned
204 Missing score table
205 Invalid link (unused)
206 Missing table id
207 Invalid table id
208 Player is banned
209 Not the best score
210 Points property is null or zero

Player Maps

Error Code Definition
400 Player maps disabled
401 Invalid rating
402 Already rated
403 Missing level name
404 Missing level id
405 Map already exists


Error Code Definition
500 Achievements disabled
501 Missing player id
502 Missing player name
503 Invalid achievement
505 Already had the achievement (not saved)
506 Already had the achievement (saved)

Multiplayer Users

Error Code Definition
600 Users disabled
601 Invalid session
602 Missing user session
603 Start failed
604 Missing user data

Multiplayer Rooms

Error Code Definition
700 Rooms disabled
701 Room not found
702 Room is full
703 Already in a room
704 Broadcast failed
705 SendTo failed
706 Missing option
4000 Socket timeout

Application Management

Error Code Definition
800 Management disabled
801 General management error