Free hosting for your applications offers free hosting for applications you are building for or websites. Follow this documentation to find out how to get access to your personal storage account and how to use it.


  • Don’t share your login information with anyone. This is your personal account.
  • Keep it tidy, use given directories.
  • This account is meant for hosting, sharing and backing up games you have developed or are authorized to share on developer’s behalf.
  • Account should not be used for anything but what is listed above.
  • Uploading warez or other illegal material will result in your account investigation, possible removal and ban.
  • Never link to in production or in high traffic places.

Getting an account

To be eligible to get a storage account, you have to have at least one application in

When you have created an application, head to and follow instructions.

Connecting to SFTP server

To connect to storage server, you will need a client application that supports SFTP protocol. Some popular ones are Cyberduck and FileZilla.

You will find connection details in after you create it.

Your login name will be your account email.

Please wait at least 10 minutes before trying to connect with your newly created account, because it is not created on storage server instantly, and if you will do too many retries too soon, you will be blocked by the server.

Cyberduck example

Cyberduck SFTP

FileZilla example

Keep default settings in other tabs.

FileZilla SFTP

Folder structure

After you connect, there will be some folders created there for you. Do not rename or delete them, because new ones will be created again. Please use these folders to keep your content well structured.

  • _backups - Upload game source code and assets here. If you use git for source control, it’s even better, contact team and we will provide a private GitHub account for your game development (we’ll need to know your GitHub username and name of the game). Do not try to use http links to this folder, they will not work.
  • share - For sharing file with your team. Please use hostname to link to these shared files.
  • html5 - For hosting HTML5 games (client side only, no NodeJS / WebSockets)
  • flash - For flash games
  • unity - For Unity 5.3+ WebGl games
  • unity_webplayer - For Unity WebPlayer games

Create folders inside html5, flash and unity for each individual game! Even if you have only one game in your account.

For linking games in production, please use hostname instead of That way game downloads will be much quicker for everyone across the planet, as Content Delivery Network will be in use.

Linking uploaded files

After uploading a game, first test if it works using hostname, only then try link, because last one will add cache.

For example, if your directory is spajus, and you have uploaded a Unity WebGL game into unity/Sumo01/ SFTP folder, following link should open your game:


To link the game in production, remove the -direct part from link:


It is very important to remove -direct in production links. Games that will ignore this rule will get blocked due to exceeding storage server traffic limits.


If you have trouble connecting to your account:

  1. Make sure port is set correctly (211). Common mistake is to try with port 221 instead.
  2. If you are using older version of WinSCP, try updating to latest.
  3. If you have tried too many times, your IP may have been blocked. Take a 20 minute break and try later, after double checking login details.

If you see an error page when trying to open a game, make sure that:

  1. URLs are case sensitive, make sure your uploaded files and folders are linked with exactly the same case as they are named.
  2. Make sure that permissions for uploaded files are rw-rw-r– (or 664) and for uploaded folders: rwxrwxr-x (or 775).
  3. Add /index.html to the end of your url if you see error 500.

CDN cache

Content that is hosted through is cached by the CDN. If you need to change some files that are already cached, just rename your game folder and update the links. Example, if your game is at, rename to and then update game links.

Resetting forgotten password

If you forget your password, you can easily reset it from by clicking “Change password” link.

After changing password, please wait 15 minutes before trying to use it, or you can get blocked for too many bad password attempts. It takes some time for server to apply the changed password.

Game source and asset backups

Put zipped sources and assets into _backups folder. Don’t worry if they will disappear from there - if they do, it means they were uploaded to cloud storage for archiving.