Example High Score Data

The score response data is mostly straight forward. The response will contain an array for the scores property. If there are no scores, the array will be empty. Note that numscores has been depreciated. There are a few different date formats provided, rdate is human readable and date is a Unix timestamp.

    "scores": [{
        "playername": "ilgiz116rt",
        "appid": "55228b129c529266240007c9",
        "table": "Demo High Scores",
        "playerid": "57c42deae694aa8ec6261c68",
        "points": 99728,
        "lastupdated": 1474393946,
        "date": 1472236254,
        "scoreid": "57c42e15ed7fd15a60c1aed1",
        "rdate": "Sep. 20 2016"
    }, {
        "playername": "iigirlgames",
        "playerid": "55a75ef7e694aad8370010ac",
        "appid": "55228b129c529266240007c9",
        "table": "Demo High Scores",
        "points": 99325,
        "lastupdated": 1437032266,
        "date": 1436902120,
        "scoreid": "55a75f4bbd6e7d1109963910",
        "rdate": "July 16 2015"
    "numscores": 10000,
    "mode": "alltime",
    "errorcode": 0,
    "success": true