The Advanced High Scores included with the Game API adds new features to make scoreboards more interesting. The new optional features are high or low scoring, rankings, sorting, multi-tables, duplicate scores per user, custom names, and guest scores. Additionally, scores are now managed through the scores dashboard.


  • If an application is setup, click the High Scores button on the applications page.
  • Click the green New Table button.
  • Choose a title for the high scores table. Use correct capitalization and spaces as this will be shown to users.
  • Save the new table.


Anti-cheat systems

To delete scores and ban cheaters, application owners can manage leaderboard scores from the applications page.

  • Click the High Scores button for the desired application.
  • Then click the Score buttons

Similarly, to set a maximum or minimum score, start by visiting the applications page.

  • Click the Edit Table or New Table button.
  • Then edit the limit. The default is zero, for no limit.