Y8 Account SDK provides the ability to send an application request to invite friends to your application. To find more info on how your application can process those requests, proceed to API Documentation.

Integration Example

JavaScript SDK

  method: "apprequests",
  message: "<message>",
  redirect_uri: "<redirect URI>",
  data: "<arbitrary data>"
}, function(response) {
  alert("it works!");


Parameter Description
message Invitation string that will appear in recipient's activity feed after request is sent.
redirect_uri The URL to redirect to after a person clicks an 'Accept' button in the activity feed.
data Arbitrary string that can store some data for your application. It will not be seen by the user.

Reponse data

  "request": "<request ID>",
  "to": ["PID array"]
Parameter Description
request Request id, that can be later used in API calls.
to Array of PIDs of recipient users.