Use the game screenshots feature to take an in-game picture and post it to a user’s profile. This is useful for games that allow customization or have unique moments that players may want to share.

Steps Overview

  1. Setup the canvas
  2. Encode to base64
  3. Submit using the SDK

Step 1

Remove any UI elements that should not be in the image. Buttons and game features can be hidden. Logos may be kept or removed depending on what is wanted.

Step 2

Once the canvas is ready, use toDataURL to encaode the image. Y8 Account supports either image/png or image/jpeg formats. Use a png when working with a limited color palette to reduce the download size. The final string should start with data:…


Step 3

Finally, submit the base64 encoded image using the Y8 Account SDK. The following shows the structure of the submit function and an example.

ID.submit_image('base64 image string', callback_function)
<script type="text/javascript">
  ID.submit_image(IMAGE_VAR, function(response){

Screenshots are displayed on the user’s Y8 Account profile. Any game that uses the screenshot feature, should have some way to view the porfile. Call the openProfile link to open a new window of the player’s profile.


Live Examples

The following examples use the screenshots feature to produce screenshots of unique in-game moments. They also display links to the player’s profile.

Orion Sandbox

Fashion Pet Doctor