1. Initialise Idnet, if not already initialised.
  2. Use one of the following GameBreak api to show placeholder ads in the game.
    • Idnet.I.GameBreak(false): Sdk will mute game’s audio automatically but Time.TimeScale will not be changed.
    • Idnet.I.GameBreak(true) : Sdk will mute game’s audio automatically & pause the game too i.e Time.TimeScale will get to 0.
  3. Call GameBreak api on all potentional ad spots, which include menu’s play button click, level/scene load, gameover & level clear.

NOTE : Placeholder ads, that you'll see in unity-editor are not time controlled, but as soon as your game gets live, it will automatically show real ads instead of placeholder ads, which are time controlled, with a minimum of 3 minutes between 2 consecutive ads.