The Protection class offers any game developer the option to detect and block game portals that attempt to cheat by blocking links.


The Protection class, was initially used internally for We have released this to help promote an honest community. It works by loading an external blacklist and checking against that for cheaters. Before blacklisting a website, we will try to contact the offender to offer them a chance to undo their bad practices.

How to Use It

  • Catch the Protection method callback that tells your game when the blacklist website is loaded. This is done by adding another if statement to the Protection method.
  • Call this Api in first scene of your game just after Initialising IDnet.
Idnet.I.Protection((protectionException)  => {
 if (protectionException == null)
     //Callback: Blacklisted website, disable the game here.
      Debug.Log("Website is blacklisted,load blacklisted game scene here.");

For the above step, when a site is blacklisted, you should disable game by opening a blacklist scene shown below. Inside the blacklist scene, show a highlightable text field where users can copy and paste an address. The address should point to your sponsor’s website or your own website depending on what licensing agreements you may have. A short message about links being blocked will help players understand why they need to copy and paste an address.


blacklisted website preview